General Competition Rules

Players should arrive at the competition venue by 8.10pm and let the adjudicator know that they are there.
The draw will be made at 8.15pm and play will commence at 8.20pm.
Any player / team not present at the time of the draw will not be entered into the draw.
Remember, it is the responsibility of the player(s) to notify the adjudicator that they are present.

Competition Dates & Draw Sheets

The dates for the League competitions are listed below, this page will be updated with venues and draw sheets as they become known.

Competition results to be provided to Gavin Redshaw by phone, text, email, in person etc etc... even by trained carrier pigeon if it's easier for you!

Date Competition Venue(s) Draw Sheets
7th May 2024 Jubilee Cup - Semis & Final Tally Ho n/a - to be drawn
on the night
FRIDAY 10th May Finals & Presentation Night St Mary's
Supporters Club

Competition and Venue Winners - 2023/24

Date Competition Venue Winners
10th October 2023 Jubilee Cup Round 1 Brewers
St Marys
Dorset B
Green Man
31st October 2023 Triples Paul Telford / Sam Telford / Tom Telford - Tally Ho B

Micky Whiting / Mark Jordan / Jake Haywood - St Marys
21st November 2023 Mixed Pairs Georgina Blay & Gavin Redshaw - Brewers

Charley Palmer & Charlie Jackson - Dorset A
9th January 2024 Ladies Singles Pam Williams - St Marys

Zoey Spooner - Tally Ho B
9th January 2024 Mens Singles Aaron Davis - Brewers

Liam Sains - Dorset A
30th January 2024 Ladies Pairs Kayleigh Durrell & Zoey Spooner - Tally Ho B

Elaine Chapman & Peggy Hughes - Tally Ho A
30th January 2024 Mens Pairs Mark Jordan & Micky Whiting - St Marys

Gavin Redshaw & Luke Crampton - Brewers
19th March 2024 Elimination Singles Chris Thomas - Dorset B

Richard Neale - Green Man
9th April 2024 Tamplins Pairs Dan Sains & Liam Sains - Dorset A

Chris Thomas & Luke Manley - Dorset B
30th April 2024 Presidents Trophy Harry Jackson - Dorset A

Chris Thomas - Dorset B