RULES 2017/18
1.The league shall be called the Lewes Darts League with a radius of 21/2 miles, measured from the War Memorial (any venues outside this radius may be accepted at the AGM).

2a. All clubs or teams joining the League shall pay an affiliation fee of £15.00 per team, submitted with affiliation at the AGM. No team will be accepted if not represented at the AGM. All registered members, male or female, shall pay a registration fee of £1.50. Players can sign on for one team only at the start of the season. Additional registrations will be allowed up until the day before the first game of the second half of the season, informing the secretary in writing, with a fee of £2.00 giving seven (7) clear days before playing the game, subject to the Committee's approval. Players may transfer if they have not played for any other team. Transfers subject to the same ruling as additional registrations.

2b. The AGM. At least one calendar month before the date fixed for the AGM the secretary shall send notice to all previous and possible new teams stating the date, place and time of the meeting and a copy of the last AGM minutes and accounts and requesting any nominations for officers and committee. Nominations must be received 14 days before the date set for the AGM stating the nominee's name, proposer and seconder. Motions for the Agenda with the proposer and seconder must be received, in writing, at least 14 days before the AGM.

3. The league shall have a President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and Admin. Secretary as officers. These officers to be elected yearly at the AGM. There shall be a working committee of seven (7) members, irrespective of vacancies caused by resignations, members to be elected at the AGM. The Committee have the power to fill vacancies by co-option caused by resignations, such members to stand only until the next AGM. A member of the Committee failing to attend three consecutive meetings (incl. comp. draws) without good reason will be considered as resigned. Four (4) to form a quorum. H.Q. to be decided by vote at the AGM.

4. The results of all matches must be submitted to the Secretary within 48 hours of playing the match. Email / text messages are acceptable, however the official result card must still be sent to the Secretary as soon as possible. Two (2) points will be deducted from the home team for late results. Cards to be filled in stating highest finish, highest score and clearly marked 1-0 or 0-1 for each game and signed by the Captains or Vice-Captains of both teams, unless played under protest.

5. Each club or team shall use for all matches a standard size dartboard to be approved by the Committee. The board shall be set at a height of 5'8" from the floor to the centre of the bull. Minimum throwing distance shall be 7'91/4" from the centre plumbing to the toe line. Lighting, dartboards and chalkboards shall be maintained to an acceptable standard throughout the season.

6. There shall be eight (8) players in each team consisting of either sex. They shall play best of three games of 401 straight in, double out. Bull to count as double 25.

7. Teams playing less than eight (8) players shall forfeit one game for each player short. This will be classed as a walkover and a win awarded to the named opposing player. To be eligible for a most wins trophy a player must have played in 80% of their games won (as opposed to being awarded a win by way of a walkover). Any club or team playing an unregistered player (or a registered player of another club or team) shall forfeit the game and lose two (2) points. Home teams to supply chalker and away side to supply caller. All matches to take place on Tuesday evenings unless mutually agreed between opposing teams to alter the day. Three clear days notice to be given and the secretary informed. All matches shall start at 8.30 pm. Home Captain to name his player first in the first game, then alternate naming. The players to throw (by hand) for bull, home player to throw (by hand) first, winner of the bull to throw (by hand) first in the game. If the game goes to three legs, the same player (winner of the bull) to throw (by hand) first in the third leg. Once a name has been entered on the result card there will be no change of name of player. Before the match starts, a captain should notify his opposing captain if he/she is expecting any other players to arrive who are not already present. If he/she subsequently becomes aware that any of those players will no longer be attending, he/she should inform their opposing captain of this as soon as it is known. If at any point before, or during, the match a captain knows that they will be unable to field a full team for the match, they should inform their opposing captain of this; should this occur it is not necessary for any remaining ‘spare’ players on the full team to remain at the venue until the end of the match they will be awarded a walkover (as appropriate) and may leave the venue if they so wish. Teams who are unable to field a full team of players on 3 or more occasions may, at the Committee’s discretion, have points deducted Play must be continuous – if at any point a team has used all their available players and there are still games to be played, all remaining games will be forfeited (it is not permissible to wait for any further players to arrive).

8. The Captains shall mutually agree that the board and the conditions of play are satisfactory and according to rule 5. If any protest appertaining to the Rules is made and not settled by the Captains or Vice-Captains, the match shall be played under protest and the secretary informed in writing, with 50p fee. If the protest is upheld the fee will be returned; otherwise it will go to League funds. No protest appertaining to this Rule will be entertained after play has commenced. This rule applies to league matches and competitions.

9. Two points for a win, one for a draw. Aggregate to decide League positions if level on points at the end of the season.

10. No telephone results or registrations accepted.

11. A book of fixtures will be issued to all registered players who must sign and present the book if requested at matches.

12.Formation of the League to be arranged by the Committee when the numbers of teams affiliated is known. If over 32 teams, there are to be three (3) divisions. If the number of teams entering the League falls to 18, less teams will be in the First Division (i.e. 6 in the First Division, 12 in Second Division). Teams can be placed by the Committee according to the strength of the team.

13. Any Competitions not on the fixture list will be at a venue and date decided by the Competitions Secretary and Committee members and played on a Thursday night.

14. Any team or player bringing the League into disrepute will be banned for a period of time determined by the Committee.

15. If a player is under 14 years of age at the time of registration, his age must be stated to the Secretary on registration.

16. Any rule changes made at the AGM, with the exception of 'money 'changes, shall take immediate effect. Money changes will take effect the following season.

17. The final interpretation of all Rules shall be left to the discretion of the Committee whose decision shall be final.

18. Competitions are open only to registered players of the league and they must enter from the team they play for in the League. No player under 14 years of age at commencement of competitions is eligible to enter. Any player registered at the AGM will be eligible to enter all competitions open to them. Any player who is registered after the AGM must play in a specified number of league games to be eligible to enter competitions. The applicable number of league games will be determined by the committee, based on the number of league games available prior to the competition date.

19. Competition entries to be submitted, with the appropriate entry fee, by the date stated by the Competition secretary. No entries will be accepted after this date. The entry fee for all competitions is £1.00 per player, with the exception of the Jubilee Cup and Bernie Welch Memorial Cup which are free to enter.

20. Substitutes are not allowed in any singles competitions. One substitution is permitted per team for all other competitions, in the first round. They must then continue throughout the competition. In addition, if a team has qualified for finals night and a player is subsequently unable to play, either through illness or absence, a substitute may play in their place; however this must be agreed in advance by the committee. The substitute must be a player who has not already taken part in the competition and who was eligible to play in that competition when the first round was played. The exception to this being the Jubilee Cup Competition wherein any registered player for the team entered can play in the first round and/or subsequent rounds for that team. The Captain and Vice-Captains Competition shall be for the sole named persons on the registration form. If there are any changes of these persons during the season, the Committee must be informed in writing as soon as the event as possible, wherein the committee will discuss the eligibility of the player change for the competition or not.

21. In all competitions, the player named first in the draw throws (by hand) first for bull. The winner of bull throws (by hand) first in first leg. Loser of bull throws (by hand) first in second leg. If a deciding leg is needed, winner of bull to also throw (by hand) first in deciding leg.

22. Competitions to be drawn on the night of the competition. One draw will be made at the start of the night and all player/team names to be entered on a draw sheet in the order drawn. The winner of the first match to play the winner of the second match in the next round and so on.

23. Competitors must arrive to play their matches at the time stated by the Competition Secretary or match organiser. Only those players/teams present at the stated time will be entered into the draw. Any player/team arriving after this time will not be able to play. For singles competitions this applies to each individual player. For team competitions (pairs, triples, fours) at least one representative from each team must be present to be entered into the draw. Where Competitions take place in one venue, additional players registered with the League and who qualify to enter may register by 8 pm with the appropriate Committee Member adjudicating. Entry fee to be £2.00 per person payable on the night.

24. If a team does not have all of its players present when called to play by the adjudicator then they shall sacrifice a throw for each player missing. If the missing player(s) subsequently arrive at the venue then they will be permitted to join their team, but only at the beginning of the next match (they cannot join in part way through a game).

25. Competitions will be organised as follows:
(a) Sussex Express Singles 501 straight start
(b) Tamplins Mixed Pairs 501 straight start
(c) Tamplins Pairs 501 straight start (any pair - mixed, 2 ladies or 2 men)
(d) Ladies Singles 401 straight start
(e) Ladies Pairs 401 straight start
(f) Under 25 Years Cup 401 straight start
(g) Triples 601 straight start
(h) Elimination Singles 401 straight start
(i) Fours 801 straight start (must include at least one lady)
(j) Captains & Vice-Captains Cup 601 straight start
(k) Over 50’s Cup 401 straight start
(l) Bernie Welch Memorial Cup 401 straight start
(m) Mens Singles 401 straight start
(n) Mens Pairs 501 straight start
The Elimination Singles Competition is only open to non-winners of the Sussex Express Singles and Elimination Singles Trophies.

Under 25s & Over 50’s - to be eligible to play a player must be under 25 / over 50 years of age on the 1st September at the beginning of the season.

All competitions to be best of three legs. The exceptions being the Jubilee Cup which is 6 singles - 401 double start and 3 doubles - 601 straight start, 1 leg each game. Last qualifying round, Semi-finals (if applicable) and Final of the Sussex Express Singles Competition to be best of 5 legs.

The mens singles competition is to be played on the same evening as the ladies singles competition.

The mens pairs competition is to be played on the same evening as the ladies pairs competition.

26. Results. Committee member or representative at the venue of the competition to forward the results sheet to the Competition Secretary.